SEANAPPS Connected Boat Solution is launched

Sentinel Marine solutions, a leading connected boat platform and IoT connectivity provider, has announced a new strategic partnership with Groupe Beneteau to bring a new white labelled solution to the market. With the ambition to connect every Groupe Beneteau brand's boat to their client, dealers and the Group itself, SEANAPPS was born.

On the top of the innovations and game-changing solutions introduced during the event "ON THE HORIZON 2021", Gianguido Girotti, Deputy CEO in charge of the Brand & Product Strategy, revealed the SEANAPPS connected boat solution:

“Developed together with our partner Sentinel Marine Solutions, this on-board smart application enables boaters, dealers and charter companies to connect to their boat or fleet at any time. We are very excited to kick start this solution with a series of BENETEAU, JEANNEAU and PRESTIGE models. By 2025, all 9,000 boats we build every year will be equipped with SEANAPPS as standard equipment. It illustrates well our philosophy and our business approach: we are the integrators of a solution developed by our partner, a solution that we deploy on a vast scale.”

Marko Pihlar, CEO of Sentinel Marine Solutions and partner of Groupe Beneteau for the SEANAPPS solution added:

"As an end-to-end solution provider, we are now able to take the latest connected boat innovations into the mainstream. By partnering with Groupe Beneteau, Sentinel Marine Solutions will expand its global presence and contribute to transform, simplify and enhance the boating experience for thousands of users, with both new and existing boats."

About Groupe Beneteau

Groupe Beneteau is a worldwide market leader for boats and a European one for leisure homes. With its international production capacities and global sales networks, Groupe Beneteau, through its brands and services, has developed unique skillsets and technical know-how in boating and leisure homes.

About Sentinel Marine solutions

Sentinel Marine solutions is the leading connected boat platform supplier and a recognised enabler for digital transformation of boating industry. For OEMs looking into solving IoT connectivity, data acquisition and application development, Sentinel Marine solutions is the preferred end-to-end solution provider.