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Connect, measure, understand and react upon your boat's data.
Sentinel Telematics is a platform for connected boat services. Boat builders, dealers and maintenance service providers can now use telematics data to further improve their products and services.

sentinel telematics

A connected boat technology.

Sentinel Telematics transforms every boat into a connected services opportunity by delivering real-time data and insights.

Boat with an app

Integrate Sentinel Telematics components and bring a 'boat with an app' to the market instantly. Offer enhanced maintenance services via your dealer network.

Privacy by design

Protect both commercial and boater's interests with an integrated Consent Management for solving consents for privacy related data.



Connect every boat to the cloud to ingest, normalise, and aggregate their data. Then turn raw data and enriched datasets that incorporate third-party sources into actionable insights.

Personal touch

Our end-user apps can be personalised in various ways - with custom app icons, boat model logos and even custom features. Engage your dealers with a built-in Customer service messaging.


Supporting our vision of connecting every single boat to their owner and service providers.