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Customize the experience to match your brand.
By giving your customers a branded version of the Sentinel app, they’ll get a connected boat experience from a brand they already know and trust.

sentinel products

Apps, IoT connectivity and cloud-based  platform.

Sentinel products transform every boat into a connected services opportunity by delivering real-time data, insights and service recommendations.

Boat owner's app

Bring a 'boat with an app' to the market instantly. Our turnkey solution “Sentinel - your boat online” is a white-label connected boat app for end-users.

Fleet management app

For rental businesses who need to monitor their fleets and streamline the operations. Can be augmented with service recommendations.


IoT connectivity

Purpose-built for marine industry, the Sentinel Boat Monitor TCU allows for on-board integration and secure access to boat’s telematics data, enabling advanced connected boat capabilities, in-app monitoring and smart notifications.

Connected boat platform

The connected boat story begins as soon as the boat leaves the dealership, empowering OEMs to shape the ownership experience with seamless, data-driven maintenance and repair services and tap into emerging revenue streams.

The above is an example of a branded app created by our partner YYachts.


Supporting our vision of connecting every single boat owner to their boat, brand and service providers.