your boat
Monitor and control your boat remotely
Sentinel helps boat owners connect and interact with their boats the same way they do with their connected cars.


The only mobile application a boater needs. At home.

Always safe

Is your boat safe? Did it move from it's intended position? Has someone entered uninvited? Sentinel app promptly informs you of an unexpected change to the boat. 

Ahead of problems

The Sentinel app allows you to have an insight into your boat's health at all times. It will notify you immediately when an unforeseen situation occurs. To prevent damage.

Control things remotely

Let the heater start while you are still on your way to the harbour. Modern boats with digital switching systems can now be controlled remotely and simple tasks fully automated.

Share your experience

Would you like to share your moments on the boat with your friends, relatives, colleagues? Easily share your trip on social networks. Let your boating experience reach those who are not on the boat.

How does it work

Make sure your boat has a Sentinel Boat Monitor,*
Register an account with Sentinel,
Choose a subscription plan (RETROFIT ONLY).

Connect with your boat.

*for a RETROFIT, please contact our dealers.

subscription plans

Each subscription plan is custom designed to fit your boat's system size.

For factory installed units, please contact your boat manufacturer for details.


  • Safety alerts
  • - Geofence/Anchor
  • - Intrusion/motion
  • - Bilge pump activity
  • Maintenance alerts
  • - Battery status
  • - Engine alerts
  • Log book

request a quote (retrofit only)


  • All Basic features
  • Remote control
  • - Lights, HVAC
  • Maintenance Insights
  • - Battery health
  • - Bilge health
  • - Engine
  • Integrated Services
  • - Assistance

request a quote (retrofit only)
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