Announcing a new partnership with Honda Marine

Sentinel Marine solutions, a recognized enabler for the digital transformation of the boating industry has announced a partnership with Honda Marine to bring a connected boat experience to their customers. With joint forces, Honda Marine Monitor was created. This solution makes boat and engine data accessible at all times through a website portal and an accompanying smartphone app. It is already available today.  

David Whitehead, Honda Marine, and Accessories Product Manager said:

We have worked with Sentinel Marine solutions, experts in marine-specific IOT technologies to produce the Honda Marine Monitor. Sentinel provides the best-in-class connectivity gateway that uses boat telematics data enabling in-app monitoring and smart notifications. Our customers can now receive the benefits provided by the partnership with Honda Marine and Sentinel Marine solutions.

Marko Pihlar, CEO of Sentinel Marine solutions added:

We are delighted to support Honda Marine’s efforts in bringing the connected experience to their loyal customers. This is an important addition to our strong portfolio of OEM clients. Engines being one of the most expensive parts of an outboard boat, the key focus points in the app’s design were enhanced security and simplified engine maintenance. But the potential for a “greener” use of outboards, logged via Honda’s ECOmode is one of the app’s features we are particularly proud of.

How Honda Marine Monitor works

Compliant with Honda Marine’s BF40 to BF250 engines, the Marine monitor connects to the boat’s battery and NMEA 2000® network which reads Honda-specific engine data. If a cellular network signal isn't available, the data is kept locally in the monitor unit and then communicated once the network is restored, guaranteeing that no data is lost. The user receives a notification and can track the boat's whereabouts if it leaves the pre-defined geo-fenced area. In addition, if the boat hasn't moved for a predetermined amount of time, a geofence can be automatically set up without the user's intervention. Your boat will always have the finest safety measures in place because if the monitor's connection to the boat's battery is broken, an internal battery temporarily takes over and allows uninterrupted engine data transfer.

About Honda Marine

Honda Marine, a division of Honda Motor Co., Inc., markets a complete range of outboard marine motors. Its comprehensive product line is powered exclusively by four-stroke engines. Honda pioneered four-stroke engine technology and has been designing and building four-stroke outboard motors for more than 50 years, setting the benchmark for fuel efficiency, quiet operation and low emissions. Headquartered in Berkshire, England.

About Sentinel Marine solutions

Sentinel Marine solutions is the leading connected boat platform supplier and a recognized enabler for the digital transformation of the boating industry. For OEMs looking into solving IoT connectivity, data acquisition, and application development, Sentinel Marine solutions is the preferred end-to-end solution provider. Headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia.