connect with
your fleet
Track your boats and stay ahead of problems
Monitor your fleet efficiently to save time and money. Having complete information simplifies checkout procedures and helps resolving potential issues.

sentinel plus

Let us keep an eye on your boats' health. So you can focus on booking and operations.

Fleet tracking

For safe and efficient business, it is important to keep track of all boats in real-time. Sentinel gives you a complete insight of your fleet position and reveals potential problems before they occur.

Delivering relevant information

Regardless of the size of your fleet, Sentinel will preserve you from being flooded by information. Sentinel filters and organizes data to expose only what really counts.

Simplify your checkout procedure

Efficient checkout is one of the biggest time savers for your business. Receive a complete checkout report before a boat returns to home port. Perform a thorough boat inspection only where issues are detected.

Promote your business

Satisfied users are the best ambassadors for your business. Your guests can use the Sentinel app to receive navigation tips, communicate with you directly and most importantly - share their holiday trips branded with your logo on social networks.

How does it work

Make sure your boat has a Sentinel Boat Monitor,*
Register an account with Sentinel,
Choose a subscription plan (RETROFIT ONLY).

Connect with your boat.

*for a RETROFIT, please contact our dealers.


Each subscription plan is custom designed to fit your boat's system size.

For factory installed units, please contact your boat manufacturer for details.


  • Real time location
  • Basic alerts
  • Business promotion
  • Nautical maps

request a quote (retrofit only)


  • All Basic features
  • Custom alert zones
  • Checkout reports
  • User management
  • Advanced alerts and Insights

request a quote (retrofit only)