Sentinel products

Sentinel Marine solutions' products breaks down into hardware and software components. Hardware must be installed on the boat (during production or retrofitted) since it is required for data acquisition, processing and communication with the software components like the Platform and APIs. Those are there for Developers and OEM partners who require further processing and enrichment of data. Finally the apps (Boat and Fleet) are here for the end-users to interact with their boats.

Sentinel hardware use case

Boat Monitor (type BM40)

Best in-class IoT connectivity gateway that combines functionality of NMEA2000 data interface, multiple digital-to-analog converters and a GPS/GLONASS onboard tracking device.

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Sentinel HUB adds even more inputs and outputs to the system. It connects wirelessly to the Boat Monitor and allows easier installation or retro-fitting extra sensors.

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Battery Sensor

Battery Sensor is an intelligent shunt that connects wirelessly to the Boat Monitor and estimates battery's health, making battery monitoring more intuitive and simpler.

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Connected Apps framework

3rd party connected boat services that can be integrated into the Sentinel app for a unified look and feel. Data access and sharing is 100% GDPR compliant.



Our Client API is available to 3rd party developers for buding applications on top of Sentinel Platform.


Partner Platform

Besides running a set of back-end services - a big data analytics framework that provides insights for both OEMs and customers - this is OEM's interface to telematics data, document repository,  maintenance scheduler and built-in communications capabilities.