Partner Platform

Besides running a set of back-end services - a big data analytics framework that provides insights for both OEMs and customers - this is OEM's interface to telematics data, document repository,  maintenance scheduler and built-in communications capabilities.

Endless possibilities for design of future services

Create extended warranty offers with built in data-checks...

Depending on the size if your company, it is time to prepare for the adoption of digital services the next decade will bring to marine industry. Future boaters will not ask for it. They will simply expect it.

Partner Platform allows for a variety of business structures and is designed with "OEM-Dealership" relation in mind. Depending on the role in the sales funnel, tailored features are available.

"By connecting directly with owners, boat builders are able to build brand loyalty and unprecedented connections with their customers."

Are you interested to learn more about Partner Platform features? Feel free to reach out to our business developers.

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