Boat Monitor (type BM40)

Best in-class IoT connectivity gateway that combines functionality of NMEA2000 data interface, multiple digital-to-analog converters and a GPS/GLONASS onboard tracking device.

Next generation Telematics Control Unit

Sentinel Boat Monitor model BM-40 is the 'heart' of our IoT connectivity - a communications gateway for remote monitoring and digital switching, certified for global sales and operation. It combines analog and digital inputs, outputs, global mobile connectivity and NMEA2000 interface in one box. It can be further extended with wireless Sentinel HUBs and Sentinel Battery Sensors and works with additional devices like shunts, temperature sensors, alarm buttons and other on-board equipment.

Stream on-board equipment data to the cloud

Engine data, generators, heaters, wind sensors... whatever is sending data do NMEA2000 network is now accessible online.

Did you know?

If you have an analog sensor (like a fluid tank sensor) and you would like to have it's readings in your app, you can use an analog input on your Boat Monitor to digitize the readouts.

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