Sentinel app features for fleet managers

Fleet features are divided in two groups according to the size of your fleet and complexity of your operations: for smaller daily charterers and charterers with bigger fleets operating a dedicated maintenance crew. All features require measurements from dedicated sensors, fed to our IoT connectivity gateway.

Business promotion

Your guests can use the Sentinel app to access navigation tips, boat manuals, communicate with your customer service and share their trips live on social networks, branded with your company's logo.

GPS position and boat's data

Monitor all your boats in real-time. All trips made are stored and can later be visually inspected on a nautical chart with overlaid measured data like wind speed or engine RPM.

Check-out reports

Access all relevant statistics about how the boat was used while rented and simplify the checkout procedure upon return.

Danger areas

Pick from a list of predefined danger zones or set a custom alert zone. Receive boundary alerts for areas you feel your customers should be avoiding.

Petrol station visit

Check if your guests have visited a gas station before returning the boat without physically checking the tank level to make sure your tank is filled up and boat is ready for the next rental!


When you need to follow a larger number of boats, it is very important to know when they will return. This application gives you a perfect timetable for the arrival of your boats.