Check-out reports

Access all relevant statistics about how the boat was used while rented and simplify the checkout procedure upon return.

When a boat returns to base you want to complete the checkout process quickly and prepare the boat for the next sail. Sentinel's „Checkout report” is a feature that provides you with a complete summary of the last vessel's trip and highlights potential issues and potential damaging events.

Quickly spot unusual events such as excessive sails or engine wear, lack of battery charge, possible groundings etc.

These last days might be extra windy and you would like to know how many hours was the boat sailing in the strong winds. It is good to know the exact time the boat spent on a low battery. Total time spent sailing and motoring is also visible.

All the boundary alerts will show up in the Checkout report assuming the boat entered the selected zones. Before return a boat needs to be refuelled - the report will tell you where that was and how many miles has it motored afterwards.