Sentinel app features for Boat owners

Sentinel features are designed to enhance security, comfort and maintenance of your boat. All features require measurements from a dedicated sensor, fed to our IoT connectivity gateway. Some even require multiple sensors in order to be calculated accurately. App features are divided in two groups according to the size or complexity of your boat's system.

Log book

Log your trips. Keep track of all your past routes, mileage, duration and speed. Share your adventures on social media!


A geofence area around your anchor can be set. When you switch on the anchor alarm and set the perimeter, you will be notified immediately whenever there is a drift outside the designated area.


Monitor unwanted access and feel safe even when moored outside the marina. Be alerted instantly of unauthorized access and eventual movement of your boat.

Battery status

Avoid getting stuck in a remote location without power and prevent battery damage. Be alerted in-app when a battery's voltage drops significantly and receive an email when the battery voltage becomes critical.

Bilge pump activity

Water is your boat's best friend, but also a threat. Let Sentinel notify you when the bilge pump starts running, indicating a normal operation and alert you when it fails.

Lights, Heating and A/C

Sentinel can monitor cabin temperature and humidity to set up the right climate conditions, before you even arive to the boat.

System check

Check tank levels, engine status, battery status and upcoming maintenance before leaving the dock