Bilge pump activity

Water is your boat's best friend, but also a threat. Let Sentinel notify you when the bilge pump starts running, indicating a normal operation and alert you when it fails.

Bilge pump activity demistified

One of the most common causes of boat sinking is simply some sort of leak that went undetected until it was too late. First, and far the most important step to avoiding the problem is being sure that your bilge pump is running. Sentinel is here to take that important step for you. Sentinel app notifies you when the bilge pump starts running and and alerts you when it detects bilge pump failure.

Did you know:

  • bilge pump motors are designed to operate in short bursts, therefore long activity times indicate clogging and potential faliure of the pump
  • there is a smarter way to analyze bilge activity - by adding a Sentinel Hub to monitor bilge pump's health