What is the difference between CZone Lite and CZone Unlimited?

The CZone addon allows you to remotely switch selected CZone circuits and receive alerts from the CZone system. Two flavours of the addon are available: Unlimited and Lite

The CZone Unlimited addon allows you to:

  • Receive all alerts generated by the CZone system.
  • Select and switch an unlimited number of CZone circuits. These are excluded from the subscription plan size limit.

The CZone Lite addon allows you to:

  • Receive all alerts generated by the CZone system. Some restrictions apply, see below *.
  • Select and switch** a limited number of CZone circuits. Each selected switch takes one slot in your subscription plan size limit.

* The behaviour of CZone alerts is different between Lite and Unlimited addons. With Unlimited, alerts that are cleared in the CZone system but triggered again will fire a push notification to the Sentinel app automatically. With Lite, alerts need to be cleared manually in the Sentinel app in order to receive new alerts from the CZone system (from same source).

** When using CZone Lite, toggling a circuit in the CZone system will sync to the Sentinel app no later than every 20 minutes. Toggling a switch in the Sentinel app is reflected immediately in the CZone system. With Unlimited, the sync is always immediate.

The CZone addon is not needed if you are only interested in monitoring CZone circuits (without switching and CZone alerts).